Performance outfit

For my performance I have to think about the clothes I wear, I have already considered not wearing clothes at all, but the reason for that would be more about shocking people than having any relevance to my piece. I will be wearing this shirt; it used to belong to molly, and Malcolm gave it to me (such a generous kind gesture) because he said it was mine now. It was not really a surprise (anymore) that it’s my style, I would wear it anyway, but I wear it now and feel her character, her protection and her presence wrapped around me, it is comforting.

I’m also wearing blue wrap trousers, and the blue is really about my childhood, it was my favourite colour and it was always a bit melancholic, and sad as well beautiful. The sea and sky, such vast things were always my favourite, and the most calming for me, so I think blue grounded me in that it was always there if I felt lost or sad or lonely.

I will be wearing my mums jewellery – some very jingly joyful earrings, and a necklace with a rose quartz held by a metal spiral.

Lastly I will be wearing my dr martins, which are 20 years old, because my dad bought them for my mum, but she never had the chance to use them, and eventually (last year) I grew into them. Another parallel which is odd to me is that we are close to the same size, in height, and in shoe size. Of course this is not unsurprisingly, but it is surreal for me to imagine.

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